Photography is the reflection of what we feel and not what we see

About the Program

Photography is a powerful medium and the camera is an amazing tool.
In today’s era every sector; commercial or noncommercial, professional or nonprofessional requires photography. Starting from fashion, tourism, journalism, wedding, food, textile, automobile, real estate, jewelry, all kinds of industries, advertising and branding; photography is a primary requirement.

Visual Poetries Photography School offers ‘one year long full time professional photography course’ for aspiring photographers who really want to learn the art and science of photography along with skill studies like communication and business development to empower the photographers community at professional levels with a belief that, as a professional photographer, not just technical knowledge but overall grooming is important if you want to make an impact as an commercial artist.

First Quarter: Induction Program

Induction program is to provide an ambience for the students where they learn from the grass-root level and explore their technical understanding of photography and get used with advanced equipment of the recent generation of photography industry. We at Visual Poetries teach basics of technical knowledge of photography and train their mind to see and compose through the camera to achieve their desired result.

  • History Of Photography
  • Technical Part Of Photography
  • Understanding Of Natural Lights
  • Types Of Camera & Lenses
  • Aesthetics Of Photography
  • Introduction To Color Theory
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Basics of Post Processing Skills

Second Quarter: Foundation Program

Onec being a pandit with technical knowhow; during the foundation program, students are exposed to different genres of photography. With practical assignments and in hand training we want students to explore and identify their core interest according to the trending requirements into the commercial industry.

  • Introduction To Commercial Photography Genre
  • Introduction To Noncommercial Photography Genre
  • Fundamentals Of Studio Lighting
  • Personality Development
  • Professional Digital Communication Skills
  • Advanced Post Processing Skills
  • Basics of Printing Techniques
  • Study Tour
  • Astro Photography
  • Aerial & Drone Photography

Third Quarter: Specialization Program

Third quarter is the most important stage for the students where they select one of the major subjects and one of the minor subjects to decide upon their professional orientation. During this program students are indulged into the detailed study of their respective specialization program and apply their knowledge to become the master.

Major Subjects (any one) Minor Subjects (any one)
01. Fashion & Lifestyle Photography 05. Wildlife & Nature Photography
02. Wedding Photography 06. Street & Travel Photography
03. Product, Food, Jewelry Photography 07. Documentary & Photojournalism
04. Interior, Architectural & Industrial Photography 08. Fine Art & Abstract Photography

Fourth Quarter: Final Portfolio Program

Fourth quarter is the final conclusion of students where they learn the business atticates and professional attributes to become commercial photographers who are ready to face the challenges.

  • Business Development
  • Social Media Development
  • Internship Program
  • Project & Assignment
  • Portfolio Curation
  • Portfolio Development
  • Exhibition & Presentation
  • Internal & External Jury

The curriculum of the course and structural division of the subjects are designed after detailed study by the team of active professionals from the various fields of photography that reflects modern ways of learning techniques.